by daniellekay94

slatterys sign

On Thursday I visited Slattery’s patissier and Chocolatier in Whitefield.

Slatterys is a three storey emporium of treats.

The  ground floor is the store which sells a range of treats, from cakes to wines. This floor also showcases the array of Wedding Cakes that slatterys specialise in making.

floral wedding caketruffle wedding cake

choc flower cakelace wedding cake

bubble wedding cakebutterfly cake

pearl cakemask cake

lavender cakecastle cake

purple flower caketrapped flower cake

big peral cakerose cake

pink flower cakefloral cake

whtie flower cakechocolate cake

They also make birthday cakes

fairy castle birthday cakelace birthday cake

minion birthday cakewhite floral birthday cake

and sell and arrange of gifts suitable for any occasion

food chocolatebest friend lolly

animal chocolatecupcake choc

monkey choctruffles

The first floor is home to the very popular Masons Dining room which serves a range of delicious meals from breakfast, dinner, to afternoon tea. This floor is also home to the bakery which was opened in 2012, with huge display windows to allow customers to see the bakers work.

The second floor is where you will find ‘The school of excellence’  where chocolate and culinary courses are held that supply customers with chocolate making skills, sugar craft courses, baking courses and private tuition and workshops for schools.

From this visit I will take inspiration for my visits journal project, from the wedding cakes which contain lots of different and detailed decor and  all fit into a creamy colour palette.